Tree Trimming Services in Texas

In the Texas Hill Country, the value of keeping trees beautiful and healthy requires keeping them trimmed to avoid overgrown or weak limbs and branches - as well as the spread of ball moss. Pruning all dead limbs is necessary for health and stability.

Oaks are more sensitive to diseases so the process of painting the wounds anytime a cut is done is very important.

"Tree hacking", by unqualified technicians, in San Antonio and surrounding areas has spread ball moss and fungal diseases, thus making trees weaker and more vulnerable to fall during winter season or during a storm with hard rains and wind.

Tree trimming

Why Trim Trees

Mature trees need to be trimmed to keep them healthy and alive for years to come. Trees that are old are more susceptible to have branches and limbs break. Young trees need to be trimmed for growth. They need to establish good branch structure and stable framework. Pruning will help to guide the tree to naturally establish a solid central truck and sturdy branches.

In mature or medium size trees, we raise the crown or reshape the tree canopy when the branches are low and pose a problem to traffic or if the tree is too close to the highway or if it poses a safety hazard for pedestrians.

If you have old trees or low-hanging limbs, don't wait until bad weather hits. Especially if the tree is close to a structure, which will definitely fall and cause thousands of structural damage. Use caution when trying to move any fallen branches or limbs. Call your insurance immediately and take pictures of the damage.

Time to Prune Oaks

During the winter from mid to late winter (January through March), is a great time to perform tree care for Oaks. We will trim the limbs or branch that will prevent tree growth and prune the area to let light for growth. We will canopy the trees keeping the most dominant branches and limbs.

Because Oaks are the most dominant trees in San Antonio and surrounding areas, we concentrate our efforts on keeping them healthy, but we also specialize in trimming elms trees, mesquite trees, ash trees, bald cypress, fruit trees such as pecan and much more. Each tree requires different space, trimming, canopy styles, water and nutrients to expand its yearly growth. Concentrate on having tree maintenance every six months to keep trees green, lively and healthy also keep your tree budget expense down.

Tree Maintenance License TL-921757 City of San Antonio

All work provided in accordance with the International Society of Arboriculture.


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